Figure 5. The molecular arrangement of l-glutamic acid crystals: a, a-form; b, b form; Dashed line shows the hydrogen bond systems in the crystals, O, carbon; O, oxygen, #, nitrogen.

the high concentration of hydrochloric acid of L-Glu by cooling. The melting point is 160 °C and optical rotation calculated from the ionic form (G+) is + 25.65.

The relationship between the solubility of L-GluHCl and the temperature is (27):

The solubility of L-glutamic acid hydrochloride crystals at 20 and 30% HCl with changing temperature is shown in Table 2.

As mentioned earlier, with an increase in the concentration of HCl above 17%, the solubility of hydrochloride decreases and at more than 30% becomes constant. Conversely, when the temperature is lowered, the solubility decreases sharply. For example, at 3 °C in 30% HCl, the solubility is only 0.38%.

It is profitable when crystallizing L-GluHCl crystals to allow the solution to cool to as low a temperature as possible. The crystal of DL-GluHCl is racemic compound, and it is possible to resolute by the seed method. The solubility of DL-Glu HCl is log S = 1.673 + 0.00685i.

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