Animal cell lines are an established tool in biotechnology and will be used extensively in a variety ofemerging areas, such as tissue engineering, organ replacement, or drug discovery. A vast amount of knowledge and experience has accumulated concerning the cell lines described in this article, and research into improved industrial large-scale use is still on going. Safety concerns using continuous cell lines with a tumorigenic potential are addressed frequently. As a result of numerous efforts made in response to recommendations by regulatory bodies and the World Health Organization, cell lines and derived products are now a prosperous factor in biotechnology.

Selecting a cell line for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals is dependent on the protein that has to be produced. Post-translational modifications, secretion, and purification are aspects that have to be considered, but species (e.g., human or rodent origin) and regulatory issues are equally important. The examples described in this article give some indications on cell line suitability, but research as well as industrial production is improving rapidly in this area. New sources (i.e., cell lines and methods) are being established continuously and should therefore be closely studied before choosing an appropriate cell substrate.

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