Enzymes for lAspartic Acid Production

We tried to develop a new bioprocess for L-aspartic acid production using maleic acid as a starting material. Maleate isomerase (E.C., which isomerizes maleic acid to fumaric acid, and aspartase (E.C., which converts fumalic acid and ammonium ion to L-aspartic acid, were used for L-aspartic acid production from maleic acid (Fig. 4). The equilibrium of the isomerase reaction strongly favors fumaric acid formation (Fig. 5). This results in almost complete conversion of maleic acid to fumaric acid, so it is very useful for L-aspartic acid formation. On the other hand, the equilibrium of the aspartase reaction also favors L-aspartic acid formation under high concentrations of ammonium ion. Therefore, the conversion yield from maleic acid to L-aspartic acid can reach 99%.

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