Threshold concentrations and minimally required catabolic Gibbs energy for aerobic Fe2+-oxidizing bacteria (12,13)

Fe2 + can be aerobically oxidized by specific bacteria. The catabolic reaction is Fe2 + + 1/4O2 + H + r Fe3 + + 1/2H2O.The DGCATcan be calculated to be — 44.32 kJ (standard conditions). This aerobic iron oxidation can be performed by two different microorganisms, Thiobacillus ferro oxidans (T.f.) and Leptospirillum ferro oxidans (L.f.). Recently (12,13) the Fe2+ concentration was observed where the O2 consumption stopped (threshold concentration). The following results were found (30 °C):

Fe2+ = 3 x 10" 4M(= threshold concentration)

Fe2+ = 7 x 10"6 M (= threshold concentration)

Using these concentrations the following DGCAT can be calculated for T. ferro oxidans

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