G 1 Cge Cgo HKoUgCgo

So, at the macroscopic level, the pollutant concentration in the filter bed linearly decreases with the height, and the compound is completely consumed when H Ko equals U C

g go

Diffusion Limitation. Below the critical concentration, diffusion limitation occurs and the rate of reaction tends to exceed that of diffusion (Fig. 4b). As a consequence, the depth of penetration becomes smaller than the layer thickness and the biolayer is not fully active (Fig. 5b). The pollutant is nearly completely consumed by the biofilm before having entirely crossed it, and the conversion rate, which decreases with decreasing pollutant concentration in the waste gas, is controlled by diffusion. Under these conditions, the elimination capacity of the biofilter is influenced by both the reaction and the diffusion rates and the compound is completely removed when HKo > 2 Ug Cgo (20).

The applicability of this model to multicomponent waste gases is limited by the theoretical complexity of the system because the various compounds are not biode-graded independently. Industrial application regarding mixture of pollutants requires pilot testing for accurate sizing of a full-scale system.

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