How Is ASTM Organized to Produce Standards

The basic organization of ASTM is illustrated in Figure 1. The board of directors is the governing body elected by the ASTM membership of more than 35,000. The standing committees maintain and enforce the procedures specified by the charter for developing standards. The Committee on Technical Committee Operations oversees the application of the regulations governing technical committee operations. It recommends changes to the Regulations, resolves jurisdictional disputes between committees, develops guidelines for long-range planning, and ensures that committee bylaws are consistent with ASTM regulations (5). The Committee on Standards maintains procedures for preparing standards and reviews all technical committee standards actions for consistency with the regulations before approval and publication by the society The Committee on Publications advises the board on publication policy matters and oversees publication of all ASTM materials. The technical committees exist as semiautonomous groups to develop the standards. A more detailed description of the ASTM E-48 Committee for Biotechnology is presented later. Each technical committee is assigned a staff manager who assists the volunteer leadership in management functions and coordinates administrative services.

Figure 1. ASTM Organization. The president is a nonvoting member of the board of directors. For full descriptions of these committees, consult Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees.

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