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clature. Moreover, Thom, Church, Raper, and Fennell all resisted these rules and applied the generic name Aspergillus to both the conidial and ascosporic stage of these organisms. Much common practice is also blind to the rules of botanical nomenclature.

Revisions of the Botanical Code in 1981 have added another layer of complexity by endangering many well-known specific epithets. Strict constructionists renamed the asexual state of A. nidulans as Aspergillus nidulellus (6). Rules of priority also endanger the name Aspergillus niger, one of the most widely used industrial species. Although the change to A. nidulellus is not followed, and although most workers continue to use the name A. niger, it demonstrates the potential for nomenclatural confusion in both the traditional literature and with on-line data retrieval. For a more detailed description of the nomencla-tural conundrum, see Bennett (7); the contemporary rules of taxonomy are outlined in Samson and Pitt (6,8). A list of the Ascomycete genera (e.g., Emericella, Eurotium) with Aspergillus anamorphs are presented in Samson (9). Additionally, a list of Aspergillus species names in current use has been published in an attempt to help stabilize nomenclature in the genus (10).

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