Note: pH = 7, 1 atm, 1 mol/L, 298 K.

enthalpy, and the Gibbs energy balance). This means also that there must exist mathematical relations between YDX, YAX, Ycx, YQX, and YGX (see Fig. 2b). These relations are addressed in a later section (see equations 9a-9e). It is obvious that this knowledge of the complete growth stoi-chiometry provides essential engineering information with respect to reactor design on the amount of O2 that must be transferred (aeration capacity), the amount of carbon di oxide that must be removed (ventilation), the amount of heat to be removed (cooling capacity), or the amount of fermentation products (in anaerobic growth). The amounts of the required N source and HCO— (autotrophic growth) also follow from these stoichiometric calculations.

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