Figure 17. Response to a pulse of helium in an airlift reactor. The pronounced shoulders could be interpreted as the result of superimposing a second peak, which represents the He tracer one loop after. Reprinted with permission from Lubbert et al. (98).

a model to the experimental data suggested recirculation of 25% of the gas. This figure is in the range of the recirculation rates presented by Siegel et al. (35), considering the differences in the coalescing properties of the liquids used in these two works and the corresponding differences in the downcomer holdup.

Recently, Merchuk and Berzin (77) developed a mathematical model based on the application of the first law of the thermodynamics to each of the regions of an ALR. This model facilitates the evaluation of the maximum liquid recirculation possible in the system. The calculation is based on the premise that the gas recirculated must be compressed from the pressure at the top of the downcomer to the pressure at its bottom. The mathematical expression that gives this maximal gas recirculation is:

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