Figure 31. Mass transfer coefficients as a function of specific power input. With permission from Siegel et al. (123). See Table 5.

Selected of correlations proposed for the prediction of mass transfer coefficients are shown in Tables 6 and 7 for internal- and external-loop ALRs, respectively, and the predictions are compared in Figures 32 and 33. Among the internal-loop reactors, two correlations presented for reactors with a rectangular cross-section are shown (32,154). For external-loop ALRs, the correlation by Popovic and Robinson (88) is recommended. In the case of internal-loop ALRs, most of the correlations predict similar values. The correlation of Merchuk et al. (37) can be recommended on the basis that more geometric parameters have been taken into account, and this gives greater generality. Nevertheless, the general considerations already expressed when analyzing other correlations in this chapter are valid here as well.

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