Figure 6. Time course of (d-Phe)4 hydrolysis by d-aminopepti-dase. The reaction mixture consisted of 2 mM of (d-Phe)4, 100 mM of tris (HCl), pH 9.0, 2 mM of MgSO4, 2% (v/v) of DMSO, and 0.038 unit of the enzyme solution in a total volume of 500 iL. The reaction was carried out at 30 °C and terminated with HClO4. The amounts of (d-Phe)4 (circles), (d-Phe)2 (squares), and d-Phe (triangles) in the supernatant were measured by a Waters HPLC equipped with a Cosmosil 5C18-MS at a flow rate of 1.0 mL/min with a mixture of methanol (55%) and 5 mmol KH2PO4/H3PO4, pH 2.9 (45%).

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