VERO and COS-7 (monkey kidney)

HIV-1 viruslike particles

Vaccine (IP)


^RA, research applications; IP, industrial process.

^RA, research applications; IP, industrial process.

these cells are more suitable for the production ofprotease-susceptible heterologous proteins.

The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is a high molecular weight glycoprotein identified as tumor-associated marker. For the purpose of early clinical diagnosis, therapy response, and recurrences, it is important to be able to detect CEA in monitored patients. Several cell lines synthesize CEA and have been used in various large-scale production systems (58). mAb raised against this antigen can improve clinical detection assays and cancer specificity. Other examples of cell lines used for the production of naturally secreted proteins are HUH 6 (fibronectin) and RPMI 8866 (CD 23) (see Table 6 for details).

A list of all cell lines currently used in biotechnology is clearly beyond the scope of this article. The constant improvements in this field, such as transformation of cell types without losing specific properties or differentiation characteristics (e.g., hepatocytes, neurons, keratinocytes) and optimization of cell lines for fermentation processes, will certainly lead to a variety of options for animal cell biotechnologists.

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