sion that satisfactorily fits most of the published data. The model is based on Levich's (156) three-zone concept and Kolmogoroff's (157) isotropic turbulence theory and has no empirical adjustable parameters. The model can take into consideration non-Newtonian behavior of the liquid and predicts the enhancement of the heat transfer due to the shear-thinning effect of the fluid. The dimensionless expression may be written as:

Nu = 0.075(10.3n-a63)ßn1/3(Pr*) 1 Fr-ß(Re*)ß+ 3(n+1)



where the symbols defined in "Nomenclature" have been used.

Table 7. Mass Transfer in External-Loop ALRs



t A \-0.85 kLa = 0.5 • 10-2JGr52(1 + A) D'SPÏ03r-°'251-p 'f~

or in simplified form:

lap kLa = 0.24JGr837^1 + A in case of suspended solids: kLa = (0.349 - 0.102CJ JGr837( 1 +

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