Main Aspects For The Design And Operation Of Fluidizedbed Bioreactors

As already described, the design and operation of a fluidized-bed bioreactor has to take into account a number of aspects regarding both physical characteristics and reaction performance. These aspects include the hydrodynamics of the bioreactor (usually with three phases), characterization of the type of flow, degree of mixing for each phase and the heat transfer, mass transfer between phases, mass balancing of the species taking part in the reaction, intrinsic kinetics of the immobilized biocatalyst, diffusion transport of the species inside the solid particles, enzyme deactivation, and cell growth. Accurate knowledge concerning these points will allow complete characterization of a fluidized-bed reactor and the development of reliable mathematical models describing its performance. Next, we discuss the conceptual aspects intrinsically related to fluidized beds. For more detailed information, including mathematical formulation of the models and their

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High catalyst activity

Low catalyst activity

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