Measuring mD

Equation 1a shows that Fj^ and mD can be obtained directly by measuring FDX at different growth rates p. Using equation 1a to plot 1/FDX versus 1/p as a straight line to obtain 1/FJ5X and mD is, however, not desirable, because the error distribution of the measurements FDX and p is completely distorted due to the use of 1/FDX and 1/p.

It is more proper to directly use the nonlinear equation 1a in combination with the measured FDX and p, and to use an algorithm for nonlinear parameter estimation. It is stressed that for accurate mD values one should measure FDX at low growth rates (0.005-0.03 h"1).


Calculating ^mx and mD from measured VDx as function of growth rate i

Consider aerobic growth on glucose and that there are two measurements available. At p = 0.5 h"1, FDX = 0.49 C-mol biomass per C-mol glucose, and at p = 0.02 h"1, FDX = 0.33.

Applying equation 1a will show that FJ5X = 0.50 and mD = 0.02 C-mol glucose/C-mol biomass/h.

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