Membrane Reactor System

Coryneform bacterial strain MJ-233 exhibited nonlytic properties under nongrowing conditions and, therefore, showed no leakage of intracellular macromolecules, as already mentioned. Taking advantage of these physiological characteristics, an ultrafiltration system was adopted for the separation and recycling of cells from the reaction mixture. Employment of the ultrafiltration system greatly simplified the purification step (Fig. 7). In this ultrafiltration system, the filtration capacity can be easily modified by varying the number of modules. A hollow-fiber tubular-type membrane made of polysulfon, which can withstand high temperature and alkaline pH, was chosen for our process. We can operate this system at high temperature and alkaline pH, allowing us to carry out a contamination-free process.

L-Aspartic acid can be produced at high purity using this membrane reactor system and, therefore, more economically compared with conventional fermentation processes.

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