introduction ASTM Background

A Century of Consensus Standards What Is the Purpose of ASTM? What Are Consensus Standards? How Is ASTM Organized to Produce Standards? Types of ASTM Standards Categories of Standards Types of Standards Who Uses ASTM Standards? ASTM Committee E-48 for Biotechnology

Technical Committee Organization ASTM Standards Development

Overview of Consensus Standard Development by E-48

E-48 Standards Summary

E-48.01 Subcommittee on Biosafety

E-48.02 Subcommittee on Characterization and

Identification of Biological Systems

E-48.03 Subcommittee on Unit Processes and Their


E-48.04 Subcommittee on Environmental Issues E-48.03 Subcommittee on Biomass Conversion E-48.06 Subcommittee on Biotechnical Equipment Qualification and Process Validation E-48.01 Subcommittee on Terminology Bibliography

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