Commonly Used Affinity Tags Protein A and Protein G Affinity Fusion Systems Host Cell Systems, Affinity Resins, and Detection Systems

Expression Vector Systems for E. coli

Mild Elution of Protein A and Protein G Fusions by


Stabilization to Proteolysis of Labile Gene Products Strategies for Integrated Downstream Processing

Improved Renaturation Schemes for Recombinant Gene Products

Affinity-Assisted In Vivo Folding Affinity-Tagged Proteases for Site-Specific Cleavage of Fusion Proteins

Increased In Vivo Half-Lives for Therapeutic Gene Products

Protein A Fusions in Immunodetection Techniques Protein G Fusion Used to Accomplish "Hot-Start PCR"

Protein A and Protein G Fusion Proteins in Subunit Vaccine Development Protein A and Protein G Fusion Proteins in Functional cDNA Analysis Bacterial Surface Display Protein A Domains and Phage Technology for Selection of "Affibodies" Conclusions Acknowledgments Bibliography

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