Screening of A-Carbamoyl-D-Amino Acid Amidohydrolase

Screening of DCase-Producing Microorganisms Purification and Characterization of the Enzymes isolation of Enzyme Genes Cloning of Enzyme Genes Analysis of the Enzyme Genes Improvement of the Enzyme in Stability Mutagenesis

Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of the Mutagenized DCase Genes

Amino Acid Substitution of Thermostability-Related Sites by PCR

Combination of Thermostability-Related Mutations Characterization of the Thermostabilized Enzymes Effects of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Stability Substrate Specificities of the DCases Kinetic Properties of the Enzymes Production of an Improved Enzyme Construction of an Expression Vector Expression of the Thermostabilized Enzyme Preparation of an immobilized Enzyme Immobilization of the Improved DCase

Stability of the Immobilized Enzyme Utilization of the Improved DCase for Industrial Production Bibliography

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