Principal Characteristics of Phototrophic Microorganisms

Photosynthesis and the Photosynthetic Apparatus Response of Phototrophs to Light Quality and Quantity

Growth of Microbial Phototrophs in Batch Culture Light distribution, Growth Rate, and Volumetric Productivity in Phototrophic cultures Modeling Photosynthetic Growth in Photobioreactors

Light Utilization and Productivity in Phototrophic cultures A Survey of Photobioreactors

Classification of Photobioreactors Early Photobioreactors Recent Types of Photobioreactors Commercial-Scale Photobioreactors Design Criteria for Photobioreactors Surface-to-Volume Ratio Oxygen Accumulation Mixing

Temperature Control

Orientation of the Photobioreactor and Light Dilution Materials Concluding Remarks and Prospects Acknowledgments Bibliography

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