A Standard Description of Microbial Growth Stoichiometry

Measurement of Growth Stoichiometry Noncalculability of Stoichiometry Ill-Conditioned Calculability of Stoichiometry (Error Propagation) Redundancy of Measurements A Mathematically Complete Analysis of Calculability, Analysis of Redundancy, Error Diagnoses, and Data Reconciliation The Effect of Growth Rate on Growth Stoichiometry Maintenance Energy Concept Measuring mD

Other Maintenance Quantities Complete Growth Stoichiometry as a Function of Growth Rate A Thermodynamically Based Method to Estimate Growth Stoichiometry

Maintenance Gibbs Energy Need mG Gibbs Energy for Growth A Useful Reference System to Simplify Growth Stoichiometric and Energetic Calculations and to Gain Insight

The Growth Reference System Balance of Degree of Reduction, Atomic Degrees of Reduction, and the COD Balance Energetics of Redox Couples, Catabolic Redox Reactions, RET, and Energetic Regularities Mathematical Equations to Calculate the Growth Stoichiometry from Known Gibbs Energy Dissipation Deriving the Equations

Application of the Mathematical Stoichiometry Relations

Kinetics of Microbial Growth from a Thermodynamic Point of View

A Basic Kinetic Description of Microbial Growth A Thermodynamic Relation for the Endogeneous/ Decay Parameter kd A Thermodynamic Correlation for imax Affinity Constant of Electron Donor, Ks Threshold Concentration Nomenclature Acknowledgments Bibliography

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