Types Of Astm Standards Categories of Standards

First, the word standard in ASTM is used primarily as an adjective with a specific document, such as a practice or test method, to denote consensus and approval (6). The technical committees, such as ASTM E-48 Committee on Biotechnology, determine the type of standard document to be developed and approved. There are two categories of documents within ASTM, as shown in the following (5):

• Standard. This document has been developed and approved by consensus within the principles of ASTM and meets the approval requirements of ASTM procedures and regulations.

• Provisional Standard. This document has been approved and published by ASTM for a limited period of time to meet urgent needs, such as an emergency situation, regulatory requirements, or other special circumstances. Provisional standards are not full consensus documents because they are approved by technical subcommittees only and not by full society consensus.

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