meters x and y for the liquid- and gas-phase concentrations into the concentration parameters X and Y Fig. 2.3.

At the same time, the transformation eliminates the reaction term in the balance equation. The operating line for the rectifying section of a reaction column is formally identical to the operating line of a non-reactive column. An infinite reflux ratio gives an expression that is formally identical to the one for calculating conventional distillation lines [5, 6]. Accordingly, we will refer to lines that have been calculated by this procedure as RD lines. These analogies are found for all the relationships that are important in distillation [7, 8].

These analogies become particularly clear if we look at the synthesis of methyl acetate (MeAc) from methanol (MeOH) and acetic acid (HAC) as an example. Essentially, we see diagrams that are similar to the distillation line diagrams of non-reactive systems. As a result of the transformation, the four pure substances lie at the corners of a square and the non-reactive binary systems lie along the edges.

Balance: Rectifying operating line of a RD column rQk fjUi > I »D; x r

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