Distillation Column with Reactive Reboiler

The integration of the recycling reactor directly into the distillation column leads to the process configuration shown in Fig. 5.2, in which the reaction takes place within the column total reboiler. On top of the reboiler a fully non-RD section is installed. This process can be seen as a simple hybrid RD column with only one reactive tray. Comparing the curves in Fig. 5.4 and Fig. 5.6, the operational characteristics of the two processes, recycling system and distillation column with reactive reboiler, are identical at p = œ and R = œ.

For conceptual design it is reasonable to represent the process operation in a classical McCabe-Thiele diagram (Fig. 5.7). A relative volatility of a = 10 was assumed for the sake of better visualization. The specified distillate composition (assume xD = 0.95) fixes the operating point of the condenser. The reboiler oper-

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