K. Sundmacher thanks all his colleagues and partners from academia and industry who were involved in the research presented in this chapter, especially U. Hoffmann, A. Rehfinger, U. Kunz, C. Thiel, P. Ramund, C. Oost, H. Kiinne, and G. Uhde, all at Clausthal University of Technology, A. Kienle, K. D. Mohl, and E. D. Gilles from Max-Planck-Institute Magedburg, H. Schoenmakers and B. Bessling from BASF AG, and A. Tuchlenski from Degussa AG. He is also very thankful to two collaborating visiting scientists: L. Rihko-Struckmann from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, and R. S. Zhang from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, China. The financial support from different funding organisations (BMBF, VW-Stiftung, DFG, FCI, all in Germany; BriteEuram grant from European Community) during the last 10 years is also gratefully acknowledged.

Z. Qi is very thankful to the Max-Planck Society for the Max-Planck Scholarship that allowed him to start his research activities in reactive distillation when he came to Magdeburg in September 1999.

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