Fluid Property Models for Reactive Distillation

4.4.1 Outline

For using the basic thermodynamic conditions for chemical and physical equilibrium presented in the previous section, models for the activity coefficients yi and/or the fugacity coefficients ^ have to be applied. They are based either on

Ge models or equations of state and usually contain binary adjustable parameters, which have to be determined from experimental data. It is beyond the scope of the present chapter to discuss details of these models, which are presented in many standard textbooks [10, 11]. We will instead focus here on some questions related to applying these models to RD processes, especially to the questions of sensitivity to inaccurate input data, predictions of properties of multicomponent mixtures from binary data, benefits from thermodynamically consistent models and consequences of inconsistent models. These topics will be addressed using some typical examples of RDs, mainly on esterifications. Furthermore, an example from a technically important intrinsically chemically reactive mixture (formaldehyde + water + methanol) is included.

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