In the case of conventional distillation, a sufficient body of knowledge has been acquired to enable the tasks in process synthesis, design, and scale-up to be solved quickly in many cases, thanks to intensive development. For RD, the methods of design and synthesis have been developed to a considerable extent, partly with the aid of the many analogies to distillation. A major focus of research and development in future years should be the scale-up of reaction columns. This is where great deficiencies still lie (Fig. 2.19). Also, the methods of choosing the best equipment will have to be improved. In the expert community, columns are often seen as the only possible choice. Work will have to be done to ensure that the benefit of combining reaction and distillation can be enjoyed to the full by employing the most suitable equipment.


Fig. 2.19 State of the art

^^^ Synthesis, design, scale-up of conventional distillation

F Synthesis, design of reactive distillation

Scale-up of reactive distillation


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