This chapter is concerned solely with the modeling of RD processes. The widely used equilibrium stage model is described first, followed by a discussion of the variety of non-equilibrium models needed to model these complicated processes. A perspective on the use of these models in RD process design concludes this chapter.

We make no attempt to be comprehensive in our citation of the relevant literature since to do so would significantly lengthen the chapter. Instead, readers are referred to our recent review of the literature on modeling reactive distillation in which we tried to be nearly completely comprehensive in our coverage [1]. That review updates an earlier one by Doherty and Buzad [2], which is partially responsible for the surge in interest in reactive distillation. Of the more than 300 papers cited in our review, more than half appeared after 1992 [1]! The recent textbook of Doherty and Malone also contains an excellent introduction to the subject of reactive distillation and a fairly extensive bibliography [3].

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