Notation a interfacial area, m2

B bottom flow, mol s-1

B0 permeability, m2

c number of components, dimensionless ct total concentration, mol m-3

D distillate flow, mol s-1

A.eff effective Fick diffusivity, m2 s-1

Df effective Knudsen diffusivity in porous catalyst, m2 s-1

Dik Maxwell-Stefan diffusivity, m2 s-1

E energy flux, W m-2

E energy transfer rate, J s-1

Efv overall Murphree tray efficiency, dimensionless

Fv vapor feedstream, mol s-1

FL liquid feedstream, mol s-1

f component feed stream, mol s-1

H molar enthalpy, J mol-1

h heat transfer coefficient, W m-2 K-1

K vapor-liquid equilibrium constant, dimensionless

L liquid flow rate, mol s-1

Lm interchange liquid flow rate between horizontal rows of cells, mol s-1

N; molar flux of species i, mol m2 s-1

N mass-transfer rate, mol s-1

Pj stage pressure, Pa

r number of reactions, dimensionless

T ratio of side stream flow to interstage flow on stage j, dimensionless ry transformed reflux ratio, dimensionless

Rmj reaction rate, mol m-3 s-1

R gas constant, J mol-1 K-1

Sj" transformed stripping ratio, dimensionless

S side draw-off, mol s-1

T temperature, K

U molar hold-up, mol

V vapor flowrate, mol s-1

x mole fraction in the liquid phase, dimensionless y mole fraction in the vapor phase, dimensionless z mole fraction in either vapor or liquid phase, dimensionless


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