processes a new class of materials was developed that allowed the extension to other processes like reactive stripping, membrane reactors, chromatographic reactors, or microreactors for the preparation of potential pharmaceuticals. The main advantages of the new materials are the small size of the interconnected polymer particles ensuring high accessibility of the active sites, the large pores of the megaporous carriers allowing enhanced mass transfer by convective flow through the polymer phase, and the dimensional stability of the polymer phase under swelling/shrinking conditions. With this new technique even monolithic micro-reactors for fine chemical production are possible. Fig. 8.22 shows the materials and the fields of application are compiled. As can be seen many applications are possible by this type of new materials. Commercialization of polymer/carrier materials is done by the Chelona company, Potsdam, Germany.

Fig. 8.22 Polymer/carrier materials and components and their fields of application

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