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Fig. 2.1 Eastman Kodak process for methyl acetate ject. The partners from industry were BASF, BP, Hoechst, Neste Oy, and Snampro-getti. The academic partners were the Universities of Aston, Bath, Clausthal, Dortmund, Helsinki, and Moscow [3],

This first Brite-Euram Project had a duration of 3 years and a budget of about 3.8 million dollars. The task of the Universities was to develop methods and software; the task of the industrial partners was to run the experiments. The key subject areas for this project were process synthesis, process design, and experiments using industrially relevant reaction systems and catalyst systems. In the areas of process synthesis and design, computational tools were developed in accordance with the CAPE programming guidelines.

Now a second European project has started. It is called Intelligent column internals for reactive distillation (INTINT) and deals specifically with the design of suitable column internals adapted to the requirements of reaction and distillation, not only of distillation, as is the case with normal packing. Again, experimental results and simulation tools are the key subjects. The project duration is 3 years, up to 2003, and the budget is comparable with that of the first EU project.

In addition, results of internal research at BASF will be reported in connection with questions about suitable equipment.

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