Effect Of Holdup On Reactive Trays

We now investigate the impact of changes in various parameters from those used in the base case. The first parameter studied is the holdup of liquid on the reactive trays. As we would expect, the larger the holdup, the easier it is to achieve the desired conversion.

Figure 2.3 shows how vapor boilup (VS), reflux (R), and product impurities change as reactive tray liquid holdup (MRX) is increased. Below a holdup of about 260 mol, the desired 95% conversion cannot be achieved in this reactive column with the given tray configuration and operating pressure. The reflux and vapor boilup become very large as this limit is approached. As holdup is increased, vapor boilup and reflux steadily decrease. There is little change for holdups greater than 1000 mol. Larger holdups would require either a higher liquid height on the reactive trays or a larger diameter column. The diameter

Figure 2.3 Effect of reactive tray holdup.

440 430 420 410 2" 400

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