0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Stage Number

0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Stage Number

Figure 16.31 (a) Comparison of HAc concentration at side reactor effluent (open symbols) and in return tray (solid symbols: composition profile in column up to return tray) as side stream return tray is varied and (b) effect of side stream return tray (NSS,r) on total generation of EtAc.

4. Guess the catalyst holdup in the column base (e.g., Wcat,bot = rW x Wcat RD).

5. Guess a side stream flowrate (e.g., FSS = rF x Rorg), which is expressed in terms of multiples (rF) of the organic reflux flowrate (Rorg).

6. Guess the percentage of the equilibrium conversion for the side reactor (e.g., %Xeq = 80%).

7. Guess a side stream return tray NSS,r.

8. Adjust the organic reflux ratio (Rorg/Dorg) until the HAc specification in the overhead (<100 ppm) is reached, adjust the stripper heat duty until the EtAc specification at the stripper bottoms (> 99 mol%) is achieved, and adjust the reactor size until the %Xeq is achieved. It is much easier to perform this in a sequential manner in order to avoid infeasible design parameters.

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