EtOH Feed 57.472 kmol/h 87.0%

HAc Feed 50.8 kmol/h 95%


Aqueous Product

Stripper M I Duty

Product EtAc

Figure 16.29 Side reactor configuration; design parameters in italic. PFR, plug flow reactor.

reactor be placed? The answer to the first question is relatively simple. From a maintenance perspective, an external side reactor is preferred (compared to an internal one). The second question actually addresses two issues: where should the side stream be withdrawn (NSS,w, feed to the side reactor) and where should the side stream be returned to the column (NSS,r, effluent from the side reactor)? The side stream is withdrawn from the location in the column where the reactants are most abundant. For the EtAc production system, this is from the column base. The selection of the side stream return tray NSS,r is less obvious, and it depends on other design parameters. In theory, finding the side stream return tray is analogous to finding the optimal feed tray location for a feedstream. However, in the side reactor configuration, this feed composition and column composition are interrelated. In other words, the side reactor effluent composition depends on the reactor size and reactor feed composition, which are functions of the side stream return tray.

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