Ternary System Without Inerts 1211 Column Configuration

With a one-product reaction system without inerts, the column has only a bottoms product because product component C is heavier than reactant components A and B. Figure 12.1 shows the flowsheet. Steady-state conditions and design parameters are given in Table 12.1. The steady state is the base case considered in Chapter 5. Figures 12.2 and 12.3 give composition and temperature profiles, respectively.

Column diameter is calculated from the sizing relationships given in Chapter 3. A liquid height of 0.05 m is assumed on the stripping trays, giving a tray holdup of 650 mol on these trays. The holdup on the reactive trays is 1000 mol. The holdups in the column base and reflux drum are sized to give a 5-min residence time when 50% full, based on the total liquid entering. In the reflux drum this is the reflux flowrate, which is equal to the overhead

Reactive Distillation Design and Control. By William L. Luyben and Cheng-Ching Yu Copyright # 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Reflux Drum Sizing

Figure 12.1 Ternary reactive distillation column without inerts.

TABLE 12.1 Steady-State Conditions and Design Parameters for Ternary System Without Inerts

Fresh feed flowrate

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