The amount values recorded in the table at Figure 1 are calculated at 95% alc/vol. This is because all the distillate that will emerge from the run will be 95% except for the last of the middle-run and the tails. So, 95% alc/vol makes an accurate enough assumption.

Once the still is loaded it's important to calculate how much alcohol at 95% is in the still so the table at Figure 1 can be initialized. The following are two examples of how the volume of 95% alcohol is calculated: one with 500-ml of feints; and, one with no feints:

With feints:

(Vol feints in ml X % alc of feints) + (Vol mash in ml X % alc of mash) / .95

((500-ml X .91) + (21000-ml X .0775)) / .95 = 2192-ml of 95% alc

Without feints:

(Vol mash in ml X % alc of mash) / .95 = Vol of 95% alc in the still

The table at Figure 1 has been initialized with this value as an example. The example is for 21L of mash at 7.75% alcohol.

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