45L (12 US gallon) electric hot water heater 3000W, 240V water heater element

//" copper or brass male adapter (male thread to female sweat)

//" x H" copper coupling (only one is required if you are using a H" cork for the thermometer)

H" copper union

3" copper pipe

H" copper pipe

H" copper tee

H" copper elbow

3/8" copper tubing

3/8" needle valve

3/16" copper tubing

3" ball valves

3" plumbing to garden-hose adapters humidifier tap-valve kit (1" saddle valve and 8M (25') 3/16" plastic tubing) laboratory thermometer (0o-110 o C (32 o -230 o F)) H" cork (or wine-bottle cork) copper or stainless steel scouring pads 90o electrical box connector 120 V 3-prong plug heavy-duty extension cord grounded electrical timer lead-free solder kit Teflon tape piece of 1 3/8" I.D. x 1" wall Armiflex14 3" hose clamps adjustable shelf and mounting brackets

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