26. Add 500-ml of feints to the fermented mash, or the low wines from the beer-stripping run.

27. Transfer the fermented mash, or the low wines to the spirit still.

28. Ensure spirit still contains at least 8L. Top up with water if necessary.

29. Close both ball valves.

30. Calculate the volume of 95% alc/vol in the still and enter it into a table like the one at Appendix C.

31. Map the table 2, 3, or 4 volumes to your volumes and enter them in your table.

32. Start running cold water through the heat exchanger.

33. Ensure the needle valve is closed.

34. Place a 250-ml graduated cylinder under the output.

35. Turn on the electric current.

36. Wait for it to boil. 20L of corn mash will take about 3/ hours. 8L of low wines will take about 1/ hours.

37. Equilibration: After it comes to boil leave the needle valve closed for 20 or 30 minutes to allow the still to equilibrate.

38. Foreshots: Open the needle valve and adjust the flow rate to one drop per second.

39. Collect 40-ml or so of foreshots and transfer them to a container labeled "Foreshots".

40. Heads: Increase the flow rate to 2 drops per second.

41. Using the mapped volumes from your table, estimate roughly how much heads to expect.

42. Determine the end of the heads phase by diluting and tasting samples of the distillate.

43. Allow an additional 20 or 30 ml of distillate to pass into the heads.

44. Middle-run: Transfer all the heads to a container labeled "Corn Feints" and begin collecting the middle-run.

45. Using the mapped volumes from your table, estimate roughly how much middle-run to expect.

46. Towards the end of the middle-run, taste the distillate periodically to determine the onset of the tails.

47. Tails: Decide where to end the middle-run and switch receivers.

48. Collect the tails until the still-head temperature is about 82oC (179.5oF).

49. Switch off the still.

50. Transfer all the tails to the container labeled "Corn Feints".

51. Place the entire middle-run in a single container and mix.

52. Flush the column with boiling water.

53. Drain and flush the boiler.

54. Dilute the middle-run to between 40 and 50% alc/vol with distilled or deionized water.

55. The diluted middle-run is the finished corn whiskey, and can be consumed right away. However, the flavour will benefit by aging for up to five weeks in glass.

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