Solvent Recovery

The term "solvent recovery" often has been a somewhat vague label applied to the many different ways in which solvents can be reclaimed by industry.

One approach employed in the printing and coatings industries is merely to take impure solvents containing both soluble and insoluble particles and evaporate the solvent from the solids. For a duty of this type, APV offers the Paraflash evaporator, a compact unit which combines a Paraflow plate heat exchanger and a small separator. As the solvent laden liquid is recirculated through the heat exchanger, it is evaporated and the vapor and liquid are separated. This will recover a solvent, but it will not separate solvents if two or more are present.

Another technique is available to handle an air stream that carries solvents. By chilling the air by means of vent condensers or refrigeration equipment, the solvents can be removed from the air stream.

Solvents also can be recovered by using extraction, adsorption, absorption and distillation methods.

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