The computed products of the gas-phase binary mass transfer coefficients and interfacial area, k]ka, are (in kmol s"1):

Kna - K1{a = 1955 ; Kna - KMa - 2407; /¡f2,a = K~2a = 2797

(a) Compute the molar diffusion rates J' ;

(b) Computer the mass transfer rates Nf (Nj.=— 54 kmol s"').

Solution: (a) Compute the reciprocal rate function, i.e. the (c-l)X(c-l) matrix of [Blika]

(c=3), from Eqs. (186) and (187), assuming linear mole fraction gradients such as y: can be replaced by (y: + y') / 2. Thus:

a Kx-.a Kxla Kr,a 2407 1955

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