It is evident that the solvent selection of SOLPERT also holds for extractive distillation. Anyway, data bank search, for its convenience and reliability, is no less a good method [60-64], A successful work has been done in [60, 61], where a computerized bank of azeotropic data is now available. Data from the references have been tested before storage. Newly measured azeotropic and azeotropic data are also included. This data bank now contains approximately 36000 entries (information) on azeotropic or azeotropic behavior or approximately 19000 non-electrolyte systems involving approximately 1700 compounds. It can be used reliably in process synthesis computations, e.g. for design calculations of distillation columns, selection of the best solvents for azeotropic distillation and also for further development of group contribution methods or for fitting reliable gh -model parameters.

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