5.1.3. CAMD of ionic liquids

It is a pity that up to data, there is no report of CAMD for ionic liquids. But we know that ionic liquids may become potential excellent separating agents in extractive distillation. So studying CAMD for ionic liquids is a very interesting thing.

Since ionic liquid is still a kind of salt, the program of CAMD for ionic liquids should be similar to that for solid salts. Likewise, an ionic liquid can be assumed to be composed of one positive ion and one negative ion which are regarded as the groups of salts. Consequently, it is easy to assemble the ions into molecules. In the procedure of CAMD the combination rule for ionic liquids is also same to that for solid salts. So CAMD for ionic liquids, solid salts and liquid solvents can be placed in a same program, which facilitates the exploitation and use of CAMD.

These ions are collected and listed in Table 21, in which R is alkyl [70]. Table 21

Typical cation/anion combinations in ionic liquids



Coordination ability of

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