This form is desirable since, comparing with Eq.(39), the physical quantities needed for calculation are relatively easily available.

Furthermore, when contrasting Eq. (35) and Eq. (61), it is found that only one new factor, exp

is added in Eq. (61). Now we will check the influence of this factor on K,.

Example: Cumene as a basic chemical material is produced by alkylation reaction of benzene with propylene in a catalytic distillation column [13-17], In order to avoid the polymerization of propylene, the mole ratio of benzene to propylene is often excessive, in the range of 1.0 to 4.0. Therefore, the concentration of benzene in the vapor and liquid phases is predominant. The operation conditions are: average temperature 110°C (383.15K) and pressure 700kPa.

Based on the physical constants given below and assuming that yiL = 1 in nonpolar mixture, estimate the values of the second Virial coefficient Btj and equilibrium ratio K, of benzene (in SI units).

Antoine vapor-pressure equation: In P = A

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