Enhanced Distillation

Introduction 13-54

Azeotropism 13-54

Residue Curve Maps and Distillation Region Diagrams 13-56

Applications of RCM and DRD 13-58

Extension to Batch Distillation 13-66

Azeotropic Distillation 13-68

Introduction 13-68

Exploitation of Homogeneous Azeotropes 13-69

Exploitation of Pressure Sensitivity 13-72

Exploitation of Boundary Curvature 13-73

Exploitation of Azeotropy and Liquid-Phase Immiscibility 13-73

Design and Operation of Azeotropic Distillation Columns 13-75

Extractive Distillation 13-75

Introduction 13-75

Solvent Effects in Extractive Distillation 13-76

Extractive Distillation Design and Optimization 13-77

Solvent Screening and Selection 13-79

Extractive Distillation by Salt Effects 13-81

Reactive Distillation 13-81

Introduction 13-81

Simulation, Modeling, and Design Feasibility 13-81

Mechanical Design and Implementation Issues 13-83

Process Applications 13-83

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