Extension To Batch Distillation

Although batch distillation is covered in a subsequent separate section, it is appropriate to consider the application of RCM and DRD to batch distillation at this time. With a conventional batch-rectification column, a charge of starting material is heated and fractionated, with a vapor product removed continuously. The composition of the vapor product changes continuously and at times drastically as the lighter component(s) are exhausted from the still. Between points of drastic change in the vapor composition, a "cut" is often made. Successive cuts can be removed until the still is nearly dry. The sequence, number, and limiting composition of each cut is dependent on the form of

Methyl isopropyl ketone Comp 1. 2. 3.

Feed 0.1500 0.8000 0.0500

Distillate 0.6024 0.1649 0.2328

Pressure (ATM) = Stages: Reboiler: Feed:


Bottoms 0.0263 0.9737 0.7210E-05

0.1300E+02 0.3830E+01 0.1000E+01 0.1000E+01

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