vent [Furter, Chem. Eng. Commun., 116, 35 (1992)]. Applications of salt extractive distillation include acetate salts to produce absolute ethanol, magnesium nitrate for the production of concentrated nitric acid as an alternative to the sulfuric-acid solvent process, and calcium chloride to produce anhydrous hydrogen chloride. Other examples are noted by Furter [Can. J. Chem. Eng., 55, 229 (1977)].

One problem limiting the consideration of salt extractive distillation is the fact that the performance and solubility of a salt in a particular system is difficult to predict without experimental data. Some recent advances have been made in modeling the VLE behavior of organic-aqueous-salt solutions using modified UNIFAC, NRTL, UNIQUAC, and other approaches [Kumar, Sep. Sci. Tech., 28(1), 799 (1993)].

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