FIG. 13-62 Sensitivity of composition and temperature profiles for MEK-MIPK-water system.

the residue curve map and the composition of the initial charge to the still. As with continuous distillation operation, the set of reachable products (cuts) for a given charge to a batch distillation is constrained by the residue-curve-map separatrices, which cannot normally be crossed.

Given a sufficient number of stages and reflux, the vapor composition can be made to closely approach direct-mode, continuous operation in which the lowest-boiling species is taken overhead. As the

Methyl isopropyl ketone Comp 1. 2. 3.

Feed 0.1400 0.7800 0.0800

Distillate 0.4795 0.1535 0.3670

Pressure (ATM) Stages: Reboiler: Feed:


Bottoms 0.0471 0.9514 0.0015

0.1300E+02 0.3830E+01 0.1000E+01 0.1000E+01

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