As shown by Marek and Standart [Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun., 19, 1074 (1954)], it is preferable to correlate and utilize liquid-phase activity coefficients for the dimerizing component by considering separately the partial pressures of the monomer and dimer. For example, for a binary system of components 1 and 2, when only compound 1 dimerizes in the vapor phase, the following equations apply if an ideal gas is assumed:

These equations when combined with Eq. (13-5) lead to the following equations for liquid-phase activity coefficients in terms of measurable quantities:

2{1 - yl [1 + 4KDPy1(2 -yt)]05 \ (2 - yj){1 + [1 + 41Py1(2- y^]0

Detailed procedures, including computer programs for evaluating binary-interaction parameters from experimental data and then utiliz-

TABLE 13-2 Binary-Interaction Parameters*



van Laar

Wilson (cal/mol)

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