Multicomponent Distillation

Open-loop behavior of multicomponent distillation may be studied by solving modifications of the multicomponent equations of Distefano [Am. Inst. Chem. Eng. J., 14, 190 (1968)] as presented in the subsection "Batch Distillation." One frequent modification is to include an equation, such as the Francis weir formula, to relate liquid holdup on a tray to liquid flow rate leaving the tray. Applications to azeotropic-distillation towers are particularly interesting because, as discussed by and illustrated in the following example from Prokopakis and Seider

TABLE 13-32 Initial and Fixed Conditions, Controller and Hydraulic Parameters, and Disturbance for Ideal Binary Dynamic-Distillation Example

Other initial conditions

F = 100 (lb-mol)/min xF = 0.50 ZNt = 128.01 (lb-mol)/min V = 178.01 (lb-mol)/min L = 50 (lb-mol)/min xg^ = 0.98

Fixed conditions

Controller and hydraulic parameters Kcb = Kc = 1000 (lb-mol)/min tb = 1.25 min = 5.0 min

Disturbance at t = 0+

Initial liquid-phase compositions


Bottoms 1 2

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