Rigorous Methods For Multicomponent Distillationtype Separations

Introduction 13-39

Thiele-Geddes Stage-by-Stage Method for Simple Distillation 13-40

Example 3: Calculation of TG Method 13-40

Equation-Tearing Procedures Using the Tridiagonal-Matrix

Algorithm 13-43

Tridiagonal-Matrix Algorithm 13-44

BP Method for Distillation 13-45

Example 4: Calculation of the BP Method 13-46

* Certain portions of this section draw heavily on the work of Buford D. Smith, editor of this section in the fifth edition.

SR Method for Absorption and Stripping 13-47

Example 5: Calculation of the SR Method 13-47

Simultaneous-Correction Procedures 13-48

Naphtali-Sandholm SC Method 13-48

Example 6: Calculation of Naphtali-Sandholm SC Method 13-49

Inside-Out Methods 13-49

Example 7: Calculation of Inside-Out Method 13-51

Homotopy-Continuation Methods 13-51

Stage Efficiency 13-52

Rate-Based Models 13-52

Material Balances (2C + 2 Equations) 13-53

Energy Balances (3 Equations) 13-53

Mass-Transfer Rates (2C - 2 Equations) 13-53

Summation of Mole Fractions (2 Equations) 13-53

Hydraulic Equation for Stage Pressure Drop (1 Equation) 13-53

Interface Equilibrium (C Equations) 13-53

Example 8: Calculation of Rate-Based Distillation 13-54

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